Building Client Confidence Through Trust and Holistic Wealth Management

Building client confidence takes time. Incorporating the four key elements of trust and taking a holistic approach makes it easy.

Holistic wealth management and trust are two sides of the same coin. At their cores, both put the client at the center of financial planning. You need to know who they are, what they want, and how finances play a larger role in their everyday life. Coupled with your expertise, they are both crucial components for building a client’s financial confidence.

Investors seek Financial Advisors for one reason: to help build and protect their wealth.

Health and wealth are two of the most important topics in one’s life—and they’re both often best left in the hands of professionals. Like you seek a doctor when it comes to the complexities of sickness or disease, clients seek professional advice to help them navigate their financial goals.

To help them feel confident you’re the one for the job, you must first build their trust. Building trust takes time, but our independent research identified four elements that are fundamental building blocks: credibility, competence, customer service, and education.

Holistic wealth management is described as a comprehensive approach to financial planning that takes a client's values, goals, and experience with money into account. It encourages a relationship built on understanding your client’s financial standing, by considering things like life insurance, buying a home, taxes, and life changes like kids or death. By investigating further into a client’s overall financial needs, you naturally emphasize your ability to deliver on the four key elements of trust.

If you can provide a client experience that focuses on building trust and has a holistic outlook, your client’s financial confidence will grow naturally.

Building financial confidence

Only 32% of Americans feel confident in their investment knowledge.* Your role as an advisor cannot just be to manage a client’s money but to curate an experience that improves their overall financial confidence.

One of the easiest ways to build confidence is through education and guidance. Think about the difference it makes when you have an “aha!” moment while learning something new. Leading up to that moment takes time, patience, and typically, finding somewhere, or someone, to learn from. In the world of wealth management—that’s you.

Incorporating credibility, competence, customer service, and education, and offering a well-rounded view of their finances, not only help build your client’s financial confidence, but their confidence in you as their advisor.

Level Up with The Four Elements of Building Client Confidence

Why proposals matter

An investment proposal will never replace an advisor’s knowledge or the power of having a strong client relationship. But when done right, it is a valuable component that further supports trust and the holistic wealth management experience.

A proposal is the culmination of your expertise, your understanding of a client’s broader needs and the base of your client conversations. It is the perfect medium to set the tone for the level of service you will deliver. And it provides the chance to educate your clients on the investments you’re recommending, further increasing their trust in your expertise and their financial confidence.

CapIntel makes it easy to create proposals that deliver a holistic wealth management experience. The all-in-one platform is the simplest way to streamline your workflow while increasing the quality of your output.

Today’s clients want to see you understand their needs beyond the numbers. You need to understand their broader life goals and help them feel comfortable with the plan at hand. CapIntel makes it easy to provide this level of service and drive financial confidence.

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