The Next Era of Holistic Wealth Management

Technology has continuously transformed the wealth management industry, and today marks the beginning of a new era.

Technology has continuously transformed the wealth management industry, and today marks the beginning of a new era. Financial advice has shifted towards a holistic, goals-based approach. However, the way guidance was shared remained the same: static and dull PDFs.

We’re here to change that.

Introducing OMNI, a first-of-its-kind digital investment presentation built for modern investors. It’s interactive. It’s accessible. It’s the future of holistic wealth management.

Why OMNI, Why Now?

Today’s investor craves a connection like never before. Wealth management of the past saw relationships built on delivering numbers and the occasional in-person meeting, but now, clients demand accessibility, convenience, and a digital experience from their wealth advisor.

In fact, 50% of high-net-worth and affluent clients say their primary wealth manager should improve their digital capabilities across the board [McKinsey]. This demand will only continue to rise as wealth transfers to the hands of investors who are digital natives.

OMNI’s online approach to personalized financial advice unlocks a new level of client engagement. With the click of a secure link, clients can view a comprehensive, interactive, and in-depth investment presentation on any screen. Created to deliver a seamless digital experience, OMNI presentations are designed to be viewed wherever, and however, your clients prefer.

Considering that 78% of adults in the U.S prefer banking via mobile apps or websites [Forbes], OMNI’s approach to investment presentations marks a revolutionary shift in the level of service wealth management enterprises can offer their clients.

How did we get here?

Since CapIntel’s inception, we have been dedicated to improving the wealth management experience so we can elevate wealth for all. Today, over 12,000+ advisors use our platform to help streamline their workflow and produce best-in-class, comprehensive investment proposals.

As a company driven by innovation, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our product. Over the last year that has included the addition of ESG and Link, and our latest offering is the best one yet.

OMNI started the same way any great feature does: customer feedback and research. After numerous customer interviews and some great industry insight provided by Vivaldi, we found one request popped up more frequently than others: “We need a better way to engage with modern investors.”

Modern Investor Expectations

It’s no secret that today’s investor has different expectations than those that came before them. Unlimited information on the internet, the introduction of robo-advisors, and numerous worldwide financial crises in the last few decades have shaped a unique outlook on building wealth and how to get there. Here’s what your enterprise needs to attract and retain modern investors.

A modern experience: Today’s investors are used to the streamlined, user-centric design of mobile and web applications. They want a wealth manager who offers the same kind of convenient, intuitive, tech-friendly experience they receive across all other aspects of their life.

An educational approach: To feel confident in their financial plan, investors need to see how their investments they relate to their overall life goals. They are seeking true guidance and understanding, not just jargon and numbers.

Accessible advice: Investors of all ages benefit from digital proposals, whether it's viewing advice on a mobile device on-the-go or showcased on a big screen in an office. Clients can’t feel confident in your advice if it’s difficult to view it—PDFs don’t cut it anymore.

Tailored services: Technology has allowed hyper-personalized services across all industries, but unfortunately, outdated software results in generic proposals without context or personalization. To attract modern investors, you need to produce customized presentations and need to be able to do it easily.

Credibility: There’s so much information available online. Why should an investor trust you and your firm? Build trust and credibility amongst modern investors by integrating your brand story and personal experience within an investment presentation.

A new standard of client engagement

With new expectations comes the need for a new way of doing things. Thanks to a digital-first approach, OMNI unlocks possibilities for advisors and investors. It houses all the trusted data, tools, and functions of the CapIntel proposal generator, but with an elevated online presentation output.

Clients can easily view advice, track their financial goals, and discover educational financial content with the click of a secure link. Plus, advisors can see when clients interact with a presentation, making it easier than ever to spark proactive conversations and address client concerns.

Holistic wealth management includes assessing and giving advice about the all-around financial health of your client. OMNI takes this approach one step further by not only giving your clients the advice the way they want but how they want to receive it. It’s a new standard of client engagement.

_The wealth management industry has evolved over the years, but investment proposals haven’t kept up. Transcend the limits of PDFs and see what OMNI can do for your enterprise today.

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