The new standard of client engagement

Offer a digital-first experience with an investment presentation that’s modern, accessible,
comprehensive, and interactive.  

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Easily share an interactive, personalized investment presentation via a secure link.

Offer a more holistic experience with functions that showcase your client’s overall financial health and goals.

Gain a better understanding of client wants and needs with engagement metrics.

Meet your clients where they’re at—online. 

50% of high-net-worth and affluent clients think their wealth manager should improve their digital capabilities1. You need technology that can provide the experience clients not only want but expect.

A digital investment presentation made for the modern investor. 

Provide an elevated experience that makes advice easy to access, understand, and track. OMNI digital presentations transcend the limitations of a PDF. 

Easily integrate your brand story and values.  

Branded templates make it easy for advisors to highlight key company values, include information about themselves, and maintain brand standards. 

An end-to-end digital experience unlocks superior communication. 

Build and share captivating presentations that encourage valuable conversations, all while gaining the ability to track a client’s engagement with your advice. 

An invaluable tool that has cross-functional benefits: 


Ensure your brand is represented the way it's intended. Customized templates ensure every OMNI presentation tells your company story your way — the right way.


Grow your book of business with investment proposals that stand out from the rest and spark valuable conversations.


Standardize company compliance practices with guardrails that enforce regulatory requirements and track advisor-client communication.


Help clients understand your product better than ever before. OMNI’s digital format allows for interactive components that offer accessible context and education.

See how OMNI will work for your Enteprise.

Join leading wealth management firms using CapIntel. 

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