CapIntel for

Asset Managers

Give your advisors a single process to follow and transform your sales, compliance, and client experience.

Work directly with financial advisors on a single platform.

Get 45 minutes back in your day for prospecting.

Reduce the risk of E&Os with presentation standards.

Save time and win more.

Minutes matter when competing for business. Reduce turnaround times, deliver purpose-built templates that win, and grow your business with CapIntel.

Virtual collaboration with advisors.

Advisors are seeking virtual support now more than ever. CapIntel allows you to seamlessly share proposals with advisors, so they are better prepared to pitch your products to investors. Prepare proposals and share your insights with embedded mark-ups and comments across the platform.

Get 45 minutes back for prospecting.

With functions like live edits to comparisons, our interface creates an agile and adaptive environment that allows you to work efficiently. Spend more time with prospects and closing deals.

Analytics and marketing in a single document.

Standardize custom, branded templates to reduce the risk of E&Os and generate proposals efficiently.

Enhance client presentations with onboarding materials that combine your brand story with supporting arguments for your recommendation.

Offer a branded experience for advisors

Embed CapIntel’s suite of tools within your website as a value-add for advisors. Advisors gain access to your proprietary models and branded proposals for use in client pitches, while your organization gains valuable insights to help drive informed conversations.