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No matter your size, analyze investments and grow your business all in one compliant platform.

Instantly access client information stored in Salesforce from CapIntel.

Automate data entry directly into Salesforce. Increase adoption & get better data.

Record key compliance activities automatically and identify errors at a glance.

Enter information once.

Save time and manage client activities all in a single place.

Cut back on admin time.

Advisors can access their client information, holdings, and risk profiles stored in Salesforce directly from CapIntel.

Push CapIntel data straight into Salesforce.

Capture important data points and upload them directly into client Accounts on Salesforce. Attach items, like proposals, as they’re downloaded from CapIntel automatically.

Create a hands-off compliance audit trail.

Auto-record Client-Focused Reforms (CFRs) activity into Salesforce. Set up Salesforce dashboards to track compliance as advisors address KYC, KYP and Suitability checkpoints.

Drive adoption of your technology stack.

Integrated systems drive higher adoption and mean advisors are logging into fewer products. Stop losing time to switching context and pass data seamlessly between CapIntel, Salesforce and your other connected tools.


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