CapIntel for


Give your advisors a single process to follow and transform your sales, compliance, and client experience.

Boost sales with a models-based approach that aligns your client’s portfolio with their investment objectives.

Integrate with SalesForce to enrich your CRM with investment proposal, product selection, and compliance data.

Tell your brand story with white-labelled client presentations and onboarding packages.

Build. Analyze. Pitch.

When advisors follow the same process, you sell more, reduce compliance risk, and improve customer experience.

Prepare advisors with up-to-date models.

Advisors who use CapIntel sell an average of 50% more house products than those within the same enterprise who do not. With CapIntel, advisors access a consistent inventory of the latest, firm-built model portfolios, which they can select and present to clients against their investment objectives.

Manage model portfolios through the Admin console and automatically push changes in inventory to advisor accounts.

Improve customer experience with white-labelled materials.

Your onboarding package and proposal are an opportunity to extend your firm’s marketing materials and build brand awareness. Work directly with the CapIntel product team to develop proposal templates and onboarding materials that highlight your brand story. Incorporate your institution’s logos, colours, imagery, and copy.

Automate your audit trail & record compliance events.

Advisors are spending an increasing amount of time manually recording compliance checkpoints for Client-Focused Reforms (CFR). With CapIntel, firms can record KYC, KYP, and Suitability activities automatically. Integrate with Salesforce to automate data entry into existing contacts and identify errors quickly using dashboards.

Protect critical identity data with end-to-end protection.

With at-rest and in-transit encryption, you can rest assured that sensitive client data is kept confidential and secure. Amp up your security with Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication and roles-based access controls.

CapIntel is SOC 2 Type 1 certified and on track for SOC 2 Type 2 certification.