CapIntel for

Small Practices

Give your advisors a single process to follow and transform your sales, compliance, and client experience.

Free up time to prospect and serve more clients.

Work collaboratively with your team.

Set your clients up for success with tools for better decision making.

Accomplish more within a single platform.

Focus your advisors’ time on building relationships and delighting your clients through a frictionless workflow.

Create efficiencies that free up time for growth.

Spend less time creating portfolios. With live advanced analytics, including an income stream visualizer, advisors can take decisive action with their clients. Generate professional proposals in seconds, leaving you more time to focus on client relationships and connecting with new prospects.

Add your Assistant to CapIntel with a special license.

Work as a team on a single platform with dedicated Assistant licenses. Assistants can access and input prospect statements, relieving administrative workload from advisors so they can focus on clients.

Manage Assistant licenses through your Admin console.

Integrate KYC directly into your recommendations.

Add risk profiles to client files with the integrated investor questionnaire. Address KYC criteria by demonstrating product-client fit with direct comparisons to their risk profile.