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With CapIntel, there are no limits on the products or portfolios you can compare.

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Save time with live analytics that adjust in real time as you make changes

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Compare products and copy, paste, and edit portfolios to see the impact of your changes live. Spend less time analyzing and more time with your clients.

See the metrics you need.

See key metrics on Performance, Holdings and Risk. With over 100 metrics calculated, you’ll have all the data you need to make decisions.

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Instantly see the impact of removing, reallocating, or adding new products on your portfolio’s key metrics.

Intuitively designed to save time.

What used to take an hour now takes minutes with CapIntel. Spend more time prospecting and speaking with existing clients.

Leveraging MSCI ESG Ratings and MSCI ESG Research Data

Help your clients understand the ESG issues that can create significant investment risks and opportunities. Research and compare funds, equities, and portfolios across key ESG datapoints.

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Join thousands of advisors from 3 of the 15 largest North American financial institutions and other leading companies in growing their business with CapIntel.

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